Walk Your Talk Coaching Program

Hello! My name is Jessica Rodriguez and I am a Health and Transformational Lifestyle Coach. I am an expert in helping clients have fun while creating the life of their dreams. I believe that, as coaches, we should should all be able to model the lifestyle that we are teaching our clients to live, even when it gets a little bit more challenging for us. We all know that life happens, and sometimes we need a little help to keep things on track.  I've created the Walk your Talk Program for coaches only. In this program I take my expertise in personal training and mix in transformational coaching sessions to help you fit in exercise in your life without adding the stress of getting everything else done.  I have a few questions below to help you see why this program is a fit for you.


Do you spend so much time coaching that you don't have time for yourself?

Have you ever found yourself coaching others on self care and exercise and you neglect to do the same for yourself?

Do you tell your clients to exercise, yet have a difficult time fitting it in to your schedule?

Do you WANT to exercise and are not sure how to fit in the time of going to the gym,etc...?

Are you great at motivating others to do the work and having a hard time motivating yourself?

Do you want someone to hold you accountable with your exercise and help you transform the parts of you that you would like to update?

Are you ready to take the next step to becoming the BEST version of yourself that is able to balance life, work and self-care?

Are you ready to WALK your TALK and make exercise a part of your normal routine?


If you answered YES to one or many of these questions, then this is the program for you!


Walk Your Talk 90 Day Transformation Program


In this program you will receive...

Two Skype Personal Training Sessions each week (24 Sessions)- $1200 Value

"Jessica was very knowledgeable and helped me make little changes that made a big difference in our time together. Since the beginning of the program I have lost over 16 pounds and I have still been eating real foods and even having the occasional drink with friends!" LH

"I was a little skeptical about training over Skype and now I love it! I get a great workout in the comfort of my own home without having to take time to drive to the gym, shower and all of the other logistics that kept me from going in the first place. Thank you for putting this program together! "

Two TCM Coaching Sessions a month (6 Sessions)- $600 Value

"Talking with Jessica was profoundly eye opening. Things came up for me  that were not anywhere near my conscious awareness. After talking with her, I felt a sense of clarity and lightness, which was exactly what I needed. Jessica was supportive and professional which allowed for me to trust her and feel safe to open up and embrace the coaching experience. 
Thank you Jessica!" Emily Capuria

“I highly recommend working with Jessica. After one 45 minutes session we uncovered the major block that was keeping me from fully expressing myself as a creative person and through that I was able to heal a major rift in my relationship with my mother. If it were not for her excellent skills, I don't know how many more years we would have lived in pain.” Katrein Ruehmland


Being able to Walk your talk with clients- Priceless


Total Program Value- $1800+



Your investment today if you pay in full is only $1347!

To invest in full CLICK HERE


If you choose to pay in installments it is only $497 each month! 

To pay in 3 installments CLICK HERE

If you have any questions at all about the program and how it will run for you please do not hesitate to email me at jessica@jessicahealthcoach.com .

I look forward to working with you soon!

* Personal Training only programs available as well*