Raving Reviews

I recently went from a job in NYC where I walked everywhere which kept me fit. A year ago I moved to the suburbs of North Carolina working for an amazing company that requires me to work from home. I am NOT complaining about working from home, but my body took a serious toll in this new position. Jessica told me about her Skype services as a personal trainer and I immediately signed on. Working with Jessica Rodriguez has been AMAZING! Having our workouts has given me SO much more ENERGY throughout my days and has MOTIVATED me to work on different areas of my health.

In just one month, my jeans are already fitting much better. The funniest part is, I signed on during what most people would consider the worst time of the year to start — the dreaded holiday season. I was actually thrilled to workout on Thanksgiving morning, something I never thought I would have the time or energy for. I highly recommend Jessica as a coach and trainer. I look forward to tackling my goals with Coach Jess in 2015.
— Danielle Codere
“Before I worked with Jessica I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and my digestion was a mess! After our time together, I was able to see a huge difference in the way I felt after I ate. I went from feeling complete pain and running to the bathroom after a meal, to feeling so normal that I almost didn’t realize how much I had changed! I’m so glad I took the time to do this for myself and I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with your relationship with food, your body and even your self-love.
— Tanya Tecce, From Chaos to Clarity, mama, yogini, entrepeneur, Philadelphia PA
I just had a Skype personal training session with the talented Jessica! This was a 30 minute session that was AMAZING! I have to admit that I had some reservations on how effective it would be to workout via Skype but, those reservations faded quickly as I realized it was just like having her in my own living room. It was not only a great workout (yep there was sweat involved) but, I didn’t have to leave my house which saved me soooo much time. If you are looking for a super FUN and great workout from the comfort of your own home, put down the dated home videos and contact Jessica; you won’t regret it!
— Stacey Solie, Healthy Weight Naturally
Jessica has a gentle way of guiding you in those darker places of yourself that you may not even realize you’re hiding away, but are in fact keeping you playing small. In addition, to being completely present during our time together, she offered practical exercises that helped me shift how I was looking at a particular situation, and allowed me to leave our time together feeling more confident in present and future self.
— Michelle Matthews, BeWellByMichelle.com
Talking with Jessica was profoundly eye opening. Things came up for me that were not anywhere near my conscious awareness. After talking with her, I felt a sense of clarity and lightness, which was exactly what I needed. Jessica was supportive and professional which allowed for me to trust her and feel safe to open up and embrace the coaching experience.
— Emily Capuria
I highly recommend working with Jessica. After one 45 minutes session we uncovered the major block that was keeping me from fully expressing myself as a creative person and through that I was able to heal a major rift in my relationship with my mother. If it were not for her excellent skills, I don’t know how many more years we would have lived in pain.
— Katrein Ruehmland
Jessica helped me to clear the block that had been holding me back. Her style of coaching gets right to the area where you may feel stuck. I appreciate the time we spent together and highly recommend you schedule a session with her
— Tracey Neely
Jessica was very knowledgeable and helped me make little changes that made a big difference in our time together. Since the beginning of the program I have lost over 16 pounds and I have still been eating real foods and even having the occasional drink with friends!
— L.H.
I did Jessica’s Winter Reboot Program in January and found that it was super easy to follow. I was most excited by the fact that I got to eat so much even though I was eating clean!
— Ileana Gross
The one on one interaction with the coach was amazing. She listened as though I was sitting right in front of her. I felt comfortable like I could open up my soul to her and trust her. And trust is a huge problem for me. I felt and I actually did open up to her about very private things in my life and she was so willing to listen and help.
— K.T.
In just a few short minutes Jess helped me see how I have the power to make my dreams a reality right now. No more waiting for this girl, onward and upward!
— Natalie Taggart
Jessica was warm, friendly and quickly got me to the root of what my issue was. I felt supported and guided and I feel like I worked through a very big issue in a very short time.
— Laruen Creager Cheney