28 Day Simple Solution for More Energy without Deprivation- Individual or Group

In this 28 day program you will have weekly phone calls with me to discuss things that keep us from living a healthy life. We will also come up with action steps for you to start living the healthy life you want. You will also receive one workout video a week if you choose the group program or one Skype Training Session a week if you choose the individual program. 

Sample topics include: Diet vs. Lifestyle Changes, Organic vs. Conventional Foods, safe ways to lose weight and feel satisfied, primary foods, cravings, goal setting and many more…

28 Days to Living the Life of Your Desires: The Premiere Experience- Individual

This program is based on some of the techniques of Neurolinguistic Programing, which I learned through my Transformational Coaching and Mastery Certification. We will have weekly calls to help you decide what it is you truly want, and then set up steps to get there. There is NO reason that anyone should be living a life that does not make them happy. Personal training may also be added to this program. 

The Simple Solution to more Energy and Strength in 90 Days- Individual or Group

During the 90 days of this program, you will be learning about food and lifestyle choices. This program includes 12 sessions (one per week) where we discuss different topics and set goals for your life and health. We will work together to facilitate change your current lifestyle in to the lifestyle that will have you full of energy and give you a desire for living full out. The program will also include one time a week Skype or Live Personal Training Sessions.

Personal Training Sessions- Live or Virtual/ Individual or Group

These 30 minute sessions can be added to your coaching program or be done without another program. You may choose from 1 session a week and up to 3 sessions a week. Prices will vary.

Grocery Store Tours- Locals only in person

Many people want to buy healthy foods, but they have no idea where to begin! With my grocery store tour I will walk you through the store and teach you how to read labels, where to find the healthier items, and even show you how to cut costs so you can eat healthy on a budget!

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